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Zeno Collar Link Vending Machine 1908

Zeno Collar Link Vending Machine 1908

During the Victorian era men's fashion required the wearing of detachable collars along with a dress shirt. These collars were attached both at the front and the back with small solid shank links. The links were generally not visible as they were covered by the tie.


This is a early 1900 era department store vending machine for such collar buttons. Deposit a dime and the collar button is dispensed at the bottom. There are four different types of links in the machine. The three solid brass ones are the dumb bell or bean back type and the fourth is an ivory celluloid type.


Manufactured by the Zeno Button Company in Indianapolis Indiana.

Excellent condition. About 70 buttons included . Original lock with a replacement key. A beautiful antique machine.


Size is 11” x 6” x6”

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