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Whiting's Sculptoscope Coin-op Stereo Viewer

Whiting's Sculptoscope Coin-op Stereo Viewer

This is a 1920's era Stereograph viewer manufactured by American Novelty in Cincinnati Ohio. These were made to view the Whiting's Patent Stereograph cards giving the viewer a 3-D effect. Whiting Patent # 1436742 Nov. 28th 1922.

The machine operates by inserting a penny. Sixteen cards can be viewed for each coin played. It has been completely restored and cleaned and it operates very well.

There are about 90 Stereograph cards in the machine. Some of the sets include American Indians, photographs of various cities ,  Niagra Falls, a set of religious scenes, and many others. There are also six title cards for the sets.

If you want more or different cards, I have a box of cards available on my website.


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