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Western Electric 3-Slot Pay Wall Telephone

Western Electric 3-Slot Pay Wall Telephone

1950's Western Electric 3-Slot Pay Wall Telephone Ready to Use - Bluetooth


This is an original working (Western Electric) Bell System model 234G three-slot pay telephone.

When a coin is deposited, it makes the traditional pay phone bell ding sounds as the nickel and dime coins drop, and it makes the traditional gong-type sound for the quarters. The mechanism is set to drop the coins directly into the locking vault area at the bottom. Inserting a coin is not necessary to receive or to make a phone call. The phone has an internal bell ringer, it rings on incoming calls. Both the lock on the coin vault door and the lock on the upper housing are original Western Electric locks with working Western Electric keys. It was necessary to add a small electronic network device to make this dial-type phone compatible with your home phone network. This device is located out of sight hidden in the coin vault area.

In addition, the phone has been modified to work with any type of phone system. You can connect it directly on to your home land-line system -OR- with the included "X-Link Bluetooth Cellular Gateway" device, the phone will automatically connect to your cell phone provider via Bluetooth. By using the X-Link you can install this phone anywhere even in rooms where there are no telephone land-lines.

This phone will also work if directly plugged into a standard home phone jack on a land line system.

The phone itself is in excellent condition. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Weight is about 34 lbs. 

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    Shipping via FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail. Cost should be automaticaly calculated on invoice before payment.

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