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Vintage 1939  ROLLATELLE Roulette Type Game

Vintage 1939 ROLLATELLE Roulette Type Game

This is a large round 15 inch diameter pressed steel lithographed game board designed to be played with a marble or ball bearing. The game works like a roulette wheel. When a marble is pushed down through the hole on the starting mechanism, a steel spring launches the marble around the outer edge. It eventually settles into one of 72 dimples. The round cardboard section in the middle will tell you the outcome of the spin. The cardboard is removable and it has the “Odd'n Even” game on one side and “Add-It” on the other. Manufactured by SyncrO Devices Inc in Detroit Michigan.

The game was featured in the September 1939 issue of Playthings Magazine.

In spite of it's age this is still a very playable game. When the marble is inserted and released it speeds around several times making a roulette type sound as it goes over the depressions. Overall the graphics on the metal are still shiny and bright. There is a small area with some paint loss but it hardly shows.

A fun game!


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