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The Winner Caille Dice Machine 1902

The Winner Caille Dice Machine 1902

This is an original cigar store dice machine manufactured by the Caille brothers in Detroit around 1902.

The machine is made entirely of Nickel plated cast iron. All the cast iron pieces have the “C.B.” (Caille Brothers) initials on the back side. The exterior has been refinished with new Nickel plating and black paint.

To play the game, insert a coin in the slot and turn the dial to agitate the dice. Winning payouts were made by the store proprietor in cigars according to the card on the front panel. The payout card is a reproduction.

This machine is in excellent condition. A beautiful piece of gambling history.


In the early 1900's the Callie brothers were one of the largest manufacturers of gambling machines in the country. In 1904 they were the largest employer in Detroit Michigan. Eventually they moved on to sell slot machines,outboard motors, and many other items.

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