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The Joker Dice Machine Hurd & Co 1903

The Joker Dice Machine Hurd & Co 1903

Here is a 100+ year old countertop dice gambling game still in "museum quality" condition. Included is the original wooden storage box and original 12 page game instruction phamplet. The game is designed with five,  7-sided, rotating dice. One side of each dice has a letter that makes up the word "JOKER", the other side have the normal dice pips. A bar at the front resets all five dice when lifted and each die has a  switch so  they can be released one at a time.The instructional phamplet describes several different games that can be played with the machine.

The game itself measures 6 inches in length. It has a cast iron base and Nickel plated metal body. The storage box has a sliding top and is solid wood. Both the lid on the box and the instruction phamplet are dated with "Patented June 9, 1903" The cast iron bottom of the machine is labeled "Hurd & Co N.Y. Patents Pending".  The game works perfectly, it appears to never have been in use and likely been in the storage box for the last 100 years. The instructional phamplet is folded but in good condition. The only exceptionis that it looks like some tiny insect has damaged the paper cover pages.

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