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Jitter Bones type Tavern  Dice Machine

Jitter Bones type Tavern Dice Machine

This is a fun little countertop dice gambling machine. To play,  bar patrons would put a coin on the bar and pick a number. The bartender would collect the coins and turn on the dice shaker. The customer who comes closest to the dice roll outcome wins a free drink.

 Originally, this game mysteriously turned on when a person would wave his hand over the top glass. The feature doesn;'t seem to work anymore on this one. It has a switch on the power cord and  the dice jump around  and the table lights up whenever the power switch is turned on.


Manufactured by Seattle Games Inc. probably in the 1930's. This game was likely a prototype for the almost identical  "Jitter Bones" game manufactured by  Keeney & Sons in 1939.

7 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall.


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