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Rare Shock Machine - Lung Tester

Rare Shock Machine - Lung Tester

The early 1890's was a time when people were infatuated with the possible uses of electricity. Here is a tavern or penny arcade electrical shock machine in combination with a Spirometer lung tester.

Manufactured by Colby Speciality Company of Chicago. By inserting a Nickel on one side of the machine and blowing into the attached tube the patron could test the strength of his lungs. If he could blow hard enough to advance the needle on the dial all the way around, the Nickel would be returned through a small cup on the side.

The amount of electrical shock could also be tested by inserting a Nickel on the right side and grabing the two hand levers. It's difficult to get the shock meter to go all the way around. This machine must have been quite the attraction at the bars.


The machine is all original and in exellent condition, it works very well. The mechanisms are housed in a beautiful oak cabinet measuring 16” X 13” X 13”.

The battery inside is actually just a shell with 4 easily replaceable modern “C” size batteries inside.

No manufacturer marks are visible.

A similar Colby Combination machine can be found on page 78 of Bueschel's Vintage Trade Stimulators book.


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