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Sanders Lucky Pack 1930 Counter-top Trade Stimulator

Sanders Lucky Pack 1930 Counter-top Trade Stimulator

This is a 5 reel gambling trade stimulator manufactured by J. M. Sanders of Chicago around 1931. It 's a fairly rare machine that you don't see very often.

These type of games were popular in taverns and cigar stores in the early to mid 1900's. Patrons were able to gamble a penny in hopes of winning packs of cigarettes. Even if they didn't win the cigarettes the player would still get a gumball for each penny played.

Most of these machines had cigarette packs on the reels but this one has the more rare numbers reels.

It's still in excellent original condition and it works perfectly. Line up 3-5 numbers and win one or more packs of cigarettes. It has a viewing window at the side to show the last coin played. It works on a penny and a gumball can be dispensed for each coin played.

It's a small compact machine that could be easily hidden under the counter if necessary

Size is 8” wide, 7” deep, and 7” tall.

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