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Russell & Morgan's “Cabinet No.707” Playing Cards Euchre

Russell & Morgan's “Cabinet No.707” Playing Cards Euchre

Cabinet No.707” playing cards manufactured by the Russell & Morgan Printing Co, Cincinnati, c.1888. This is a 32 card Euchre deck and is gold edged. In addition to the 32 cards there are 4 score keeping cards and 1 “Cabinet” or Joker card. The Joker lists the seven Secretarial Departments of the Cabinet that were in effect at the time: Secretary of State, Secretary of Interior, Secretary of War, Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of Treasury, the Attorney General and the Postmaster General. Today, there are 15 Cabinet Secretaries, including the Secretary of Defense which replaced the Secretary of War.


Manufactured in linen finish with a rigid slip case with the Statue of Freedom (the Russell & Morgan trade mark). The Ace of Spades has the spade suit symbol and the words “U.S. Playing Cards” and “The Russell & Morgan Co., Cincinnati” printed on the front.

The back of the cards are blue in color. The four score keeping cards are black on the back and labeled as “ Progressive Euchre”on a fancy background.

The cards are in used and slightly worn condition but still very nicely preserved in their slip case.



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