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Polish Fortune Telling Cards Taro

Polish Fortune Telling Cards Taro

FORTUNE TELLING]. Polish Fortune Telling Cards. Chicago: S. (Stanislaw) Wegrzyn, ca. 1921. 52 + J + EC + original wrappers. A pack of fortune-telling cards marketed to Chicago’s Polish community, scarce, and not found in Hochman. Every card highly illustrated with fortune-telling vignettes. The only pack currently known, near mint. Provenance: Ken Klosterman’s Salon de Magie.


This is a copy of Google Translate for the instruction card.

1. The letter (A) is a prophecy for industrialists and merchants of all classes.

2. The letter (B) refers to the pictures. 3. Letter (C) general meaning of the cards.

4. Letter (D) prophecy for youth.

5. Letter (E) general divination.

6. Big digits indicate the sequence number from 1 to 52 and indicate the weeks in the whole year starting from January 1st.

7. Names of Polish kings, names and names of flowers and names of distinguished Poles.

8. YES and NO, deciding cards. 9. The numbers in the corners of the picture mean a win

in lotteries and other draws.

10. In the corners of the picture, these are the names of the months. weeks and letters from A to Z. which letters can be used to form words. (2 alphabets).

11. On the sides of the pictures Flirt, i.e. a silent conversation arranged for all states. 12. The letters A and D should be each number separately

fortune-telling, also under the letter C, one word should be

wo take each time the cards are shuffled.

The person for whom the divination is being made should be away from the cards, otherwise the divination is not valid.

If you are going to start a business, then shuffle the cards and throw nine cards and count how many YES and NO you have and this is the deciding factor.

The Prankster card can be used for any game. If you want to give your child a name, the card will mark his name.

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