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Playing Card Corner Trimmer

Playing Card Corner Trimmer

Vintage Playing Card Corner Trimmer T.R. King & Co.


This is an original T.R. King & Co. playing card corner trimmer. Tools such as this were once used by gamblers and card cheats to finish the corners of playing cards after the edges were trimmed off.
The tool base is solid brass and the cutting edge is in excellent condition.
A crown with the wording “T. R. King & Co Los Angeles” is engraved on the base.
Size is about 5” square. These types of vintage gambling collectibles are getting hard to find. This tool likely dates back to the 1930's. T.R. King product catalogs from the 1930's and 40's did feature gaming 'enhancement' devices like these. At some point the Nevada Gaming Board prohibited TR King from selling chips to it's casinos because they refused to stop dealing in items like marked cards and crooked dice to the public.

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