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Mills Vest Pocket Slot Machine 1930's

Mills Vest Pocket Slot Machine 1930's

Gambling in the United States in the early 1900:s was  illegal in almost  all the States. The Mills Novelty Company of Chicago manufactured  these small slot machines with the intention that they could be easily hidden under the counter when needed. The Vest Pocket has all the features of the larger casino machines packed into a 9 inch cube.   The machine has been cleaned and restored and repainted. The mechanism and payouts work perfectly. The original cash box is present as is the original Mills lock and key. The reel strips and the rubber suction cup feet are replacements. It has matching serial numbers on the mechanism and the case.


This is a Nickel denomination machine, if you won the jackpot the player would get $1.05 cents in Nickels. Taking inflation into account, the 1930 equivalent of $1.05 in today's world is almost $20.

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