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Mansfield Automatic Clerk Gum Machine

Mansfield Automatic Clerk Gum Machine

A beautiful and highly collectible turn of the century gum machine made by the Automatic Clerk Company in Newark N.J. All of the intricate workings of the mechanism are visible through glass panels on five sides, the bottom section is cast iron. These machines must have been quite an attraction in the early 1900 country stores.

It's a two column machine, one for Peppermint and the other for Blood Orange flavored Pepsin gum.

It has a wonderful clockwork mechanism, there are no knobs or buttons. When a Nickel is inserted at the top, the column of gum automatically advances to the top and one packet drops to the bottom of the machine. As the Nickel passes through, it drops down on to a bell making a pleasant ring sound alerting the store clerk that someone is using the machine.

It's all original with that exception of the gum packets inside are reproductions made of wood.

Excellent condition.

Dimension: 16” X 7” X 7” Weight is about 15 lbs.



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