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KYSER & REX Cast Iron GAME 1879

KYSER & REX Cast Iron GAME 1879

In the 1890's Louis Kyser and Alfred C. Rex produced thousands of cast iron still banks at their factory in Frankfort Pennsylvania but they also made a variety of other cast iron items like this game.


The antique game consists of a very ornate and colorful cast iron base with a cup at the center and four colored ball flippers on the sides. It also has four colored rotating score keeping dials at the corners. The 4 dials are labeled in increments of 5 points from 5 to 100 . To play the game, the player flips the ball into the cup at the center and it comes out of one of four random holes at the bottom. Each hole is labeled with a different score. At the end of the game the highest score wins. The original ball is included as well.

The game is in excellent condition and still has the original paint. A beautiful piece.

9” square

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