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Jackpot for Trade Stimulator

Jackpot for Trade Stimulator


Here is an add-on jackpot for your trade stimulator. In the early 1900's slot machine manufacturers added jackpots to their machines to attract more players. Do to their success, the manufacturers of trade simulators also started adding similar jackpots. This is one of those. It is the type that attaches on to the front of the machine but does not release the coins unless the proprietor is called over to unlock it with a key.

This model was made to fit on many different machines. The attaching back panel will need to be screwed on to the front of your machine with 4 screws. The back plate size is 5 1/2" X 5 1/2”. Most of these jackpots came with a catch tray for the coins. I do not have the catch tray for this one but it works well without one.

It comes complete with a new lock and 2 keys Polished cast aluminum construction. This has been recast from an original and is identical in every way. It should work with coins of any denomination.

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