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Hit Hitler WW II Target Game

Hit Hitler WW II Target Game

Here is a rare WW II themed target practice game featuring Hitler as the target. Manufactured by Paul Bennet & Co. The user inserts a penny into the pistol, aims for Hitler's mouth, and shoots. The coin is returned to the user if it makes it into Hitler's mouth, if not, a ball of gum may be vended by depressing a button beneath the pistol.

This is the original Bennet Co. “Hit Hitler” game that has been completely restored.

The cabinet has been sanded and re-painted to match the original, some parts have been replaced, the Hitler image and the marquee card are copies of the originals. The mechanism and pistol are original. The marquee card frame is a replacement. All are in excellent working condition.

Size is 8-1/2"W. x 22"L. x 16" Weight is about 17 lbs.

Extra care will be taken in packing this item.

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