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Groetchen Champion Trade Stimulator 1930's.

Groetchen Champion Trade Stimulator 1930's.

Here is a more complicated three reel gambling machine manufactured by the Groetchen Tool Co. in Chicago. The machine will dispense a token good for one or more packs of cigarettes on certain spin outcomes of the reels according to the pay out card at the top. The token is ejected on the side of the machine. It will also reveal a special “gold award” token into a viewing window on the front if a jackpot is hit.

The “gold award” coin is worth more than the cigarette tokens and is not dispensed. The store proprietor can push a button to release it to the bottom of the machine after the payment is made to the player. A gumball can be dispensed for each coin played and the last coin played is always visible through a window on the back door.


This machine has been completely restored and it works perfectly. It is totally original with the exception of new paint. Original lock and key. It does have several of the original cigarette tokens included but I don't have any of the original “Gold Award” tokens. The tokens pictured are included and are the correct size but they are gold colored “No cash value” arcade tokens.


Size is 13” X 10” X 9” Weight is about 18lbs.

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