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Evans Gaffed Pocket Roulette

Evans Gaffed Pocket Roulette

Operator can secretly manipulate whether the ball lands in red or black. To play, the roulette wheel is spun either clockwise or counter-clockwise. While not readily visible, the ball can only fit into every other slot on the lower disc. When the wheel is spun in one direction, centrifugal force will turn the top dial to allow the ball to only fall into the red slots. If spun the opposite direction ,only the black slots are exposed.

The Evan's catalog describes this gaffed game as follows

“The Evans Pocket Roulette Wheel is a splendid money maker for any live wire hustler. Always works; when you know the trick you make it show high or ow numbers any time. Weighs but 6 ounces and is 3-1/2 inches in diameter, made of aluminum.”

I've reduced the price on this item because you will notice in the photos that the base of this game has a partial crack runing across the bottom. The base and the game are still 100% solid.

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