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Electrocuted Hot Dog Machine 1940's

Electrocuted Hot Dog Machine 1940's

This is an electric hot dog cooker from the 1940's. The machine has three compartments so you can cook three hot dogs at a time. In side the top of each compartment are two electrodes. When the hot dog is inserted, the top of the hot dog touches the elecrtodes and gets cooked through electrical shock.

Originally the manufacturer sold the hot dogs prepackaged in a celophane and a cardboard sleve. The sleve would help push the hot dog up against the electrodes.

The machine has been cleaned but in original condition. It has a 2 minute timer on the front, a timer light, and an internal light for the Hot Dog sign. The power cord has been replaced but otherwise it's all original. All metal construction.

Size is 12” X 10” X 6 1/2”.

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