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Dice Machine Penn-E-Wize Dice Cup

Dice Machine Penn-E-Wize Dice Cup

Dice Machine Coin Operated 1800's Penn-E-Wize Dice Cup

This is an original dice popper gambling machine manufactured by Harkness Miller Mfg. in San Antino Texas. The machine is named Penn-E-Wize and was probably made in the late 1800's to very early 1900's. To operate all one needs to do is to insert a penny and flip the lever. The five dice jump around for the flop. I expect that this game was made as a countertop gambling game where the payout would be in drinks or cigars.
With the exception of the back door, the machine is totally original. It has been cleaned and re-varnished. Please note that there is a crack in the glass globe. It's very thick glass and the globe is still solid.
Size is 9" square and 13" tall.
The 1910 indian head penny pictured is included in the sale. It was found wedged in behind the mechanism.



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