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Daval Gum Vendor -  Fortune Machine

Daval Gum Vendor - Fortune Machine

This is a trade stimulator slot machine manufactured by Daval of Chicago in the early 1930's. For one cent (although the machine will also accept nickels and dimes) the player gets a gumball and their fortune. Unlike most trade simulators of this era, there is no payout posted on this machine, the payout card simply shows your fortune according to the outcome of the three reels. There are also witty sayings on each stop on the reels strips.

All is in excellent restored condition. The mechanism has been cleaned, new reel strips added, and the solid aluminum case polished and repainted. The gumballs pictured are actually marbles. Excellent condition.


12 in. high x 8.5 in. wide x 8.5 in. deep

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