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Daval “21” Trade Stimulator 1930's

Daval “21” Trade Stimulator 1930's

Here a fairly rare Blackjack game trade stimulator manufactured by Daval around 1936.

While being a smaller size machine, it still has some interesting features and fun to play features.


Insert a nickel and push the handle, the five reels will spin and shutters will close on windows 3,4,and 5. The first two windows shows the DEAL hand. Your DRAW hand is revealed buy pushing the buttons to open windows 3 and or 4. Then finally push the house button to reveal the HOUSE hand.


This machine is 100% complete and it has been cleaned and restored. All functions work perfectly. A gumball can be dispensed for each coin played. Last coin played viewing window is at the right side. The coin box is at the bottom. Keys are included for the coin door lock and back door lock.


Size is 9” X 6” X 6”.

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