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Clockwork Mechanism Antique Fly Trap 1910

Clockwork Mechanism Antique Fly Trap 1910

This is an unusual antique fly and mosquito trap from the early 1900's. It operates by a key-wound clockwork mechanism. To operate one would put a mixture of molasses and vinegar on the rotating barrel. As the barrel turns, the flies would be attracted to the sticky barrel. As the barrel would rotate, the flies would get scraped off and try to escape towards the light in the screened off box at the back. Afterwords the back section can be removed and the insects can be fed to chickens and ducks.

The trap is in good condition for it's age, the wind mechanism and rotating barrel work perfectly. It will operate for about 2 hours on one winding. The wind key is included. The only damage is a small tear in the screen on the removable screened catch box. It can be easily repaired if desired.
There is Japanese writing on the bottom identifying it as being from the Teramachi district in Kyoto Japan. The trap was likely manufactured around 1910 by the Owari Watchmaking Co., Japan,

Size is 10” X 10” X 5 1/2”. Weight is about 7 lbs.

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