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Buckley BONES Dice Craps Machine 1936

Buckley BONES Dice Craps Machine 1936

Buckley  BONES Craps Machine 1936


Bones, Buckley Manufacturing Co. (Chicago IL),is an unusual and highly sought after payout dice slot machine. It actually plays the game of craps.

After depositing a coin, the player pulls the handle. The player can hear the dice shaking out of sight until the “come out” roll is tossed into the left viewing window. 7 and 11 are winning numbers. If 2, 3, or 12 comes up the player looses. If the “come out” roll is 4,5,6,8,9,or 10, the player gets to play again by tossing the dice in the second window.

If the combination on the right side matches the left side, the player wins two or eight coins. If a seven comes up on the right side the player craps out!

The dice are stored in two drums, with each drum containing 13 sets of dice (52 dice total). The drum on the left contain the dice for the first "come out" roll, and the drum on the right contain the dice used for trying to match the "come out" roll. When played, the drum spins around and after it stops a plunger pushes out the two dice that are on top, a piece of glass keeps the dice from turning around so the machine knows the value of the dice shown. The “Gold Award” coin is won by hitting 4 wins in a row.

This machine is in excellent working condition. It has been totally cleaned and restored. The outside paint is new and the metal polished. I couldn't find original “Gold Award” tokens, the ones in the machine are not originals but they work. The payout tag on the left front and the “Bonus Pays” tag are reproductions of the original but very hard to tell. The coin tray is also a replacement.


15 3/8" x 11 1/2" About 35 lbs.



The Buckley BONES is truly an ingenious machine!






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