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Buckley HORSES Trade Stimulator 1936

Buckley HORSES Trade Stimulator 1936

An interesting bar top game manufactured by Buckley Mfg. In 1936. To win, the player needs to spell one of 5 race horses names on the reels. The fourth reels determines the odds of the win.

While this game can be played with 1 cent, it can also be played with a dime, nickel, or quarter. The last coin played is always visible in the little window on the right side so if a quarter is played and the odds reel lands on the “30” the win would be a whopping $7.50 or in 1930 about $150 considering inflation in today's world .

A gumball can be dispensed for each coin played.


Size is 12" X 10" X 13"


Aluminum cabinet restored with new reel strips. All in excellent condition.

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