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Buckley Ball Gum Trade Stimulator with Jackpot

Buckley Ball Gum Trade Stimulator with Jackpot

Here is a 1930's era slot machine- trade stimulator manufactured by Buckley Mfg. in Chicago.

Insert a penny and try to line up the three jackpot symbols on the reels. The proprietor would release the jackpot door with a key. The player could also read their fortune from the payout card at the top and push the button to dispense a gumball if desired.


This is an original 1930's era machine. It has been completely restored and works perfectly. The reels strips are new replacements. The top sign is not original and the back door is a replacement. There is a slight damaged area above the back door where someone tried to pry the door open but it's hardly noticeable.


Size is 12” X 8” X 9” Weight is about 14lbs.


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