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Bar Boy Beer  Trade Stimulator

Bar Boy Beer Trade Stimulator

Here is a Bar Boy tavern trade stimulator manufactured by Garden City Novelty in the 1940's.

These machines were meant to be placed on the tavern bar and played by the patrons for free beers.

If the customer succeeds in lining up three of a kind, he then gets the number of free beers on the fourth reel. A ball gum cab also be dispensed for each coin played.

This machine has been restored with new paint and new payout labels, the reel strips are the originals. It works perfectly.

Many of these trade simulators were not owned by the shop keepers but instead were loaned by route service men. This Bar Boy is one of those and operates by dispensing every 7th coin played into a separated area. There is a lock on the back door, a separate lock on a side bank, and a lock to open the gumball shoot on the front. There are also two viewing window for the last coin played so you can see if the coin is going to the bottom of the machine or into the lock box.


Size is 12” X 8” X 8” weight is about 16 lbs.

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