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Balls 21  Roulette Coin Op Machine

Balls 21 Roulette Coin Op Machine

This is a rare coin operated countertop roulette game called "Balls 21". I don't know the manufacturer but I believe that it was manufactured in France in the 1930-40's. The heavy cast aluminum body has the wording "BALLS 21" and "Brevette SDGD". The machine has the gumball feature where a gumball can be despensed  for each coin played, the supply of gumalls is visible in the shooting star chute at the top.  To play , insert a coin (a Nickel size coin) and push the lever. The reel spins for about 10 seconds and the ball lands on one of the 21 spots. Bets can be made on a number, red or black, or the two yellow spots.
The machine is clean and in excellent working condition. It has it's original paint that is in very nice condition. All original with the exception of a replacement back door lock.

Size is about 10" X 10" X 10". Weight is about 15 lbs.

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