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Automatic Dice Shaking Machine 1893

Automatic Dice Shaking Machine 1893

Many different dice gambling games have developed over the years but here is an early bar top dice popper that incorporates a coin operated feature. In the 1890's through the early 1900's most taverns, saloons, and cigar stores allowed gambling games such as this. The patrons enjoyed the dice game and the proprietor collected the profits.


To play all one needs to do is deposit a penny and push down the plunger. Rewards are posted on the card on the front.

This one is mostly original but has been refurbished with a new glass dome and felt padded dice table. The coin collection door and lock is also a replacement.

It works well.

Manufactured by American Automatic machine Co. in New York.


A similar machine can be found in Bueschel's Vintage Trade Stimulator and Counter Games book on page 90.


13” tall and 8” in diameter, weight is about 11 lbs


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