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Antique #2 Michigan Co. Cash Register 1910 Restored

Antique #2 Michigan Co. Cash Register 1910 Restored

This is an original Michigan & Co. #2 cash register manufactured in Detroit. It has been completely cleaned and restored and works perfectly. The outer cabinet is Nickel plated over cast iron. A tag at the underside of the drawer shows the manufacture date of Feb. 23rd 1910. When I opened the machine I found a 1930's era dollar bill and a receipt from a pie company back when pies cost .35 and .40 each. The receipt is from The Olympic Pie Company 218 E. Cherry St Seattle, both will come with the machine. It comes with one key to lock the cash drawer. The other lock on the upper section is in the open position with no key. The marble plate above the drawer is a replacement.

Size is 13” wide, 18” tall and 16”deep. Weight is about 75 lbs.


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