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Advance Shock Machine Penny Arcade 1930

Advance Shock Machine Penny Arcade 1930

This is an antique “Advance Shocker” penny arcade shock machine from the 1930’s - 40’s. The machine has been completely disassembled, repaired, and restored to its original 1930- 40’s condition. It works perfectly, and looks great.


This coin-op machine challenges your ability to withstand a shock. These arcade machines were popular in the early 1900’s at a time in history when people were awed by the possible uses of electricity. The idea here is to insert a penny and turn the crank. That starts a timer working that lasts about 30 seconds. The player then turns the handle and gets an increasingly stronger electrical shock the more it’s turned. It works very well; it’s challenging to get the pointer on the gauge past the halfway point before letting go.


 The marquee at the top is a vintage replacement from another machine but otherwise it’s all original. The case is solid all-steel; overall size is 12” X 9” X 7.   Original lock and key on the door.


The 1.5V #6  “A”  battery is included but it is actually a replica of the original and contains 4 replaceable standard “C” size batteries.


 An impressive old time arcade machine in excellent condition.



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